Contact Sync

A data synchronization tool that makes it fast, easy and safe to integrate information with and between applications in the cloud. The information can e.g. be contact information, calendar data, pictures, or other types of information objects.

Plugin-oriented architecture

Contact Sync has ready-made plugins to be able to integrate with several applications. The plugin-oriented architecture means that Contact Sync can also be quickly expanded with new customized integrations.

Some of our ready-made plugins

Microsoft Active Directory

Azure Active Directory



File (CSV)



Contact Manager

Skola 24

Operating modes

With Contact Sync, it is possible to synchronize event-controlled immediately when the source is changed or scheduled at selected times. Synchronization is one-way or two-way. Contact Sync also has a CLI (Command Line Interface).

Monitoring / Logging

Monitoring can be done automatically with Contact Monitor and / or logged to SQLite.

License model

CS is purchased as a subscription that includes usage rights, new versions, and access to support.


Contact Sync is currently used for synchronization between AD and various CMS systems (eg SiteVision) at several companies and organizations. Some examples are the University Chancellor’s Office (UKÄ), Kunskapsskolan, Markaryd municipality, Tyresö municipality, Torsby municipality and Sydnärkes IT (Lekeberg, Hallsberg, Askersund and Laxå).

Together with Contact Manager and Contact Identity, Contact Sync forms an efficient whole for secure login and synchronization solutions in the cloud or locally.

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