Vemendo manages the Traffic Insurance Association’s contacts and relationships!

The Traffic Insurance Association (TFF) has a central role in the Swedish road insurance system.

As a cooperative body for road insurance companies in Sweden, TFF manages contacts and claims with insurance companies worldwide.

TFF’s challenge

TFF needed a system that could keep track of and manage contacts and relationships with insurance companies worldwide. Important was also traceability where many cases require the administrator to follow up on matters and agreements far back in time. The contact information needed to be able for use both by internal staff on TFF but also published on an external website.

The solution

With the help of Vemendo’s solution Contact Manager (CM), TFF’s challenge was solved immediately. With CM, TFF has now a simple and customized tool where the officers can manage and search for contact information. The document module in CM makes it possible for TFF to connect contracts to contacts and organizations. In CM, the officers may later go back in time to see which information that was accurate when an accident happened. TFF also publishes contact information on its external web, which is always up-to-date from CM’s programming interface (RESTful API).

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