Or are you already in the cloud?

You have already moved all or parts of the IT environment  and business applications to the cloud and have achieved many advantages but also experience challenges.

Some common examples are that users have to handle multiple logins and passwords to different cloud services, data is duplicated and not in sync when maintaining the same information in different cloud services and the business lacks control of who has access to the cloud services.

Taking the next step requires:

  • A strategic advisor and technical partner who helps to find the optimal architecture and solutions in the cloud.
  • Introducing federated logins to achieve  single sign-on avoiding unnecessary hassle for the end users.
  • Automatic synchronization of information between cloud services and local IT systems such as Microsoft Active Directory.
  • Access control by assigning roles in one place.

This leads us to focusing on delivering solutions and services that simplify and securely enable our customers to lift their businesses in the cloud.  

Do you want to lift your IT business to the cloud?