About us

Vemendo’s knowledge about the cloud, smart tools and extensive experience from systems integration and identity management has successfully helped many companies and organizations.

Vemendo is a solutions architect with expertise in web application development, systems integration and security. Since 1997, we deliver and manage business-critical IT systems to international companies and organizations. to asecure and efficient solution in the cloud.

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Our solutions

Together, Contact Manager, Contact Identity and Contact Sync form an efficient whole for secure login and synchronization solutions in the cloud or locally.

The cloud as a platform

Delivering tools, solutions and expert competence

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Contact Manager

A powerful and affordable tool for identity management

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Contact Sync

Make it fast, easy and secure to integrate information

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Contact Identity

A packed cloud service for companies and organizations

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Are you thinking of opportunities in the cloud?

The business drivers to start using the cloud are many. Business needs of global digital solutions, mobile access and IT solutions enabling collaboration with business partners and customers put high demands on corporate IT to deliver.

The need for a flexible IT infrastructure that can quickly adapt to support new processes is becoming increasingly important and management sees the cloud as the enabler.

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Or are you already in the cloud?

The driving forces for businesses to use the cloud are many. The business’s need for global digital solutions, mobile access and solutions for collaboration with partners and customers places great demands on companies ‘and organizations’ IT support.

The need for a changing IT infrastructure that can be quickly adapted to support new processes is becoming increasingly important. Management sees the cloud as an enabler.

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Some of our clients

We want to grow!

Vemendo has a very successful 2019 and the trend continues. We see an increasing demand for our solutions and services and we are looking for several new employees to our Stockholm office.

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