We are Vemendo

Vemendo makes it easy for organizations to build modern solutions for identity and access management across physical, virtual, and cloud environments.

We like tech, care for our customers and love teamwork. Working together with our customers is a process of trust. We know that large investments are at stake. You, our customer, must be able to rely on us creating solutions for the long term, which can change over time, according to new requirements, whenever needed. We believe in success through partnership. Together, we are a winning team.

Our knowledge about the cloud together with our innovative solutions and expertise in systems integration, identity and access management has successfully helped many companies and organizations in their digital transformation.

Contact Identity is a powerful customer identity and access management suite. It provides an intelligent identity framework that leverages your existing IT assets and cloud technologies by reducing cost and ensuring compliance across environments, whether on premise or in the cloud. With our solutions, you can make sure that your business has the most current user identity information. You can retain control at the enterprise level by managing, provisioning, and deprovisioning identities on premise and extending to the cloud.

Contact Identity simplifies administration, saves time and money with heightened security and ensures user productivity from any location by extending seamless access and security to all your workforce, customers and partners.

Access control can be managed through federated identities in combination with advanced capabilities such as multi-factor authentication (MFA), eIDAS electronic identification and trust services, data encryption, Single Sign-on and authorization services for local and remote users.

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